PopOver is not complete rendered from the Start. Behaviour is not as expected

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Martin Kehrholff
created an issue

When I create a PopOver via a Button, the PopOver is not rendered complete. The right and the bottom Border are hidden. It looks like, it is not really existant, because when I click somewhere on the Screen the PopOver disappears. When I grab the PopOver with the Mouse and move it only a minmal Distance the PopOver changes it's Appearance as well as it's Behaviour. From now, it shows also it's Title, the CloseButton, the right and the bottom Border. The Behaviour is now, that it doesn't disappear when I click somwhere on the Screen (except I click the the CloseButton).

My Setup: OS: Win10 Java: jdk1.8.0_161 IDE: Eclipse Version: Oxygen.3 Release (4.7.3)

I have it also pstet at StackOverFlow with Source Code and Graphic. StackOverFlow with Source Code and Graphic

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