ControlsFX SceneBuilder Incompatabilty

Issue #854 resolved
Michael Ellis
created an issue

I have found that a majority of the ControlsFX components do not seem to work with SceneBuilder. Insofar as once having installed the ControlsFX jar file into SceneBuilder whilst all the ControlsFX components are listed in the Custom section of the components accordion, very few of them can be dragged onto the layout area.

I am currently using controlsfx-8.40.15-SNAPSHOT.jar and JavaFX Scene Builder 9.0.2

The problem existed though with controlsfx-8.40.14.jar and also a previous version of JavaFX Scene Builder (exact version I forget but was several versions ago)

  • Are ControlsFX components expected to work with SceneBuilder?
  • Am I doing something wrong?

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  1. Abhinay Agarwal

    CustomControls which are not extended from a JavaFX control doesn't really work well with Scene Builder. Therefore, you are most probably better not using SceneBuilder for Controls in ControlsFX.

    Nevertheless, use of FXML shouldn't have any problem ;)

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