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+<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
+* Name:  Ion Auth Lang - English
+* Author: Ben Edmunds
+*         @benedmunds
+* Location:
+* Created:  03.14.2010
+* Description:  English language file for Ion Auth messages and errors
+// Account Creation
+$lang['account_creation_successful'] 	  	 = 'Account Successfully Created';
+$lang['account_creation_unsuccessful'] 	 	 = 'Unable to Create Account';
+$lang['account_creation_duplicate_email'] 	 = 'Email Already Used or Invalid';
+$lang['account_creation_duplicate_username'] 	 = 'Username Already Used or Invalid';
+// Password
+$lang['password_change_successful'] 	 	 = 'Password Successfully Changed';
+$lang['password_change_unsuccessful'] 	  	 = 'Unable to Change Password';
+$lang['forgot_password_successful'] 	 	 = 'Password Reset Email Sent';
+$lang['forgot_password_unsuccessful'] 	 	 = 'Unable to Reset Password';
+// Activation
+$lang['activate_successful'] 		  	 = 'Account Activated';
+$lang['activate_unsuccessful'] 		 	 = 'Unable to Activate Account';
+$lang['deactivate_successful'] 		  	 = 'Account De-Activated';
+$lang['deactivate_unsuccessful'] 	  	 = 'Unable to De-Activate Account';
+$lang['activation_email_successful'] 	  	 = 'Activation Email Sent';
+$lang['activation_email_unsuccessful']   	 = 'Unable to Send Activation Email';
+// Login / Logout
+$lang['login_successful'] 		  	 = 'Logged In Successfully';
+$lang['login_unsuccessful'] 		  	 = 'In-Correct Login';
+$lang['logout_successful'] 		 	 = 'Logged Out Successfully';
+// Account Changes
+$lang['update_successful'] 		 	 = 'Account Information Successfully Updated';
+$lang['update_unsuccessful'] 		 	 = 'Unable to Update Account Information';
+$lang['delete_successful'] 		 	 = 'User Deleted';
+$lang['delete_unsuccessful'] 		 	 = 'Unable to Delete User';
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