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using x86_64 on linode by default now, installing rsync in the default image.

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 class LinodeClientVM(Template):
     provider = Provider.LINODE
-    driver_config = {'image_id': 64, 'size_id': 1, 'location_id': 6}
+    driver_config = {'image_id': 65, 'size_id': 1, 'location_id': 6}
     distribution = apt.Apt
     release = apt.lenny.Lenny
     packages = [
+        packages.rsync,
     node_wrapper = NodeWrapper


 class SSH(PackageGroup):
     packages = ['openssh-server']
+class rsync(PackageGroup):
+    packages = ['rsync']
     def post_install(self, node_wrapper):
         config = env.cfg.config
         if config.has_option('mallet', 'public_key'):
 class Apache(lenny.Apache):
+    packages = ['apache2-mpm-worker']
     def post_install(self, node_wrapper):
         super(Apache, self).post_install(node_wrapper)
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