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remove duplicate bootstrap definition

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         run('touch %s.wsgi' % env.environment)
-def bootstrap():
-    """ initialize remote host environment (virtualenv, deploy, update) """
-    require('root', provided_by=('staging', 'production'))
-    run('mkdir -p %(root)s' % env)
-    run('mkdir -p %s' % os.path.join(env.home, 'www', 'log'))
-    create_virtualenv()
-    deploy()
-    update_requirements()
 def update_apache_conf():
     """ upload apache configuration to remote host """
     require('root', provided_by=('staging', 'production'))


 from caktus_website.settings import *
 DEBUG = True
 DATABASE_ENGINE = 'sqlite3'
 DATABASE_NAME = 'caktus_website.db'
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