copelco / lib / copelco / templates / home.html

Diff from to


 {% extends 'base_columns.html' %}
+{% block content %}
+<p>I'm a Python/Django web developer in Durham, NC. I work at <a href=''>Caktus Group</a>.
+<ul id='slideshow'>
+{% for photo in photos %}
+	<li {% if forloop.first %}class='target'{% endif %}>
+		<img src='{{ photo.source }}' width='{{ photo.width }}' height='{{ photo.height }}' />
+	</li>
+{% endfor %}
+{% endblock %}
+{% block sidebar %}
+{% for item in feed_items %}
+    <div id='item-{{ }}'>{{ item.summary|safe }}</div>
+{% endfor %}
+{% endblock %}
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