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dump pg/mysql into seperate sub-directories

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     def __init__(self, host, dest, **kwargs): = host
-        self.dest = os.path.join(dest,
+        self.dest = dest
         self.compression = kwargs.pop('compression', 'gzip')
         self.sudo_user = kwargs.pop('sudo_user', '')
         self.fmod = kwargs.pop('fmod', 0600)
     PostgreSQL backup class to dump globals and all databases individually
+    def __init__(self, host, dest, **kwargs):
+        dest = os.path.join(dest, host, 'postgres')
+        super(PostgreSQL, self).__init__(host, dest, **kwargs)
     def run(self):
         databases = set(self.get_postgres_databases())
 class MySQL(Backup):
     """ MySQL backup recipe """
+    def __init__(self, host, dest, **kwargs):
+        dest = os.path.join(dest, host, 'mysql')
+        super(MySQL, self).__init__(host, dest, **kwargs)
     def run(self):


             if cfg.has_option(host, 'postgres_sudo_user'):
                 pg_data['sudo_user'] = cfg.get(host, 'postgres_sudo_user')
+            print pg_data
         if cfg.has_option(host, 'mysql'):
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