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-== dbbu ==
+= dbbu =
 dbbu is a simple Python module to assist with remote database backups. It's designed to be used in conjunction with [[|rsnapshot]] as a backup_script parameter, but can run standalone as well.
 This has pretty limited use and is still a work in progress!
-=== Installation and Basic Use ===
+== Installation and Basic Use ==
 $ hg clone
 $ dbbu.cfg
-=== rsnapshot Configuration ===
+== rsnapshot Configuration ==
 To use dbbu with rsnapshot, add a backup_script parameter like so:
 Then setup /etc/dbbu.cfg with each host as described in "dbbu's Configuration File" below.
-=== How Does It Work? ===
+== How Does It Work? ==
 dbbu uses the [[|subprocess module]] to ssh and execute commands on remote hosts (using Popen). It then pipes database dumps into files on the local filesystem.
-=== Host Configuration ===
+== Host Configuration ==
 Create a user for backup purposes only:
 bak     ALL = (postgres) NOPASSWD: POSTGRES_CMDS
-== dbbu's Configuration File ==
+= dbbu's Configuration File =