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Colin Copeland
remove unused templates; move summary.html into entry directory; require login to summary and time sheet views
Colin Copeland
clean up my time sheet view with select_related and remove unused code
Colin Copeland
add repeat period form to project edit/create screen; add links to navigate between projects and billing windows easily; clean up time sheet view to execute sql more efficiently;
Colin Copeland
rename to django-timepiece; move in django-crm project models;
Colin Copeland
update migration to work with entries without clock time
Colin Copeland
add project time sheets
Colin Copeland
add hours column (+migration) to Entry model and update view to use annotations
Colin Copeland
add billing window stub models
Colin Copeland
delete line
Colin Copeland
use correct date filters
add summary view
Josh VanderLinden
Removing dist files and creating an ignore file
issue 3 - fixed the self-closed JS tag
Made Pendulum a little more friendly by redirecting staff users to the page to configure Pendulum if it hasn't been configured for the current site.
Added the base.html and registration templates.
issue #2 - added the CSS file used in the screenshots
Added a thumbnail for the main project page
Made some minor changes to the templates and a couple fixes to the code. I took some screenshots for the project page.
Updated the entry model and default template to display the time an entry was paused
Added the ability to have entry, day, week, and period times displayed as HH:MM:SS instead of a floating-point number of hours
Updated the day and week totals templates to be more generic.
Updated the day and week totals templates to be more generic.
Refactored the unit tests and added a custom form field to allow for easier time input.
Created a 0.1.6-pre release package. I made several changes to the file to make the submission to PyPI possible. The package version is automatically set from the version in pendulum/ now.
Version 0.1.5 release. Fixed a problem with the tables not being created with syncdb for some reason. Added a jQuery-based date picker for adding/updating entries along with some custom widgets. Updated the create_pendulum_group command to be able to respond to various issues.
Fixed a problem related to accessing Site.objects.get_current() in the file. When Pendulum was installed on a site before a syncdb, the sites table didn't exist and syncdb wouldn't complete.
Added some template tags to help generate some statistics. I also tagged the release 0.1.1.
Added a command for creating a user group
Updated the unit tests to reflect some changes in policy. Added some more information to the fixtures in accordance with recent changes.
Initial import
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