Pinch is a webmail client based on notmuch and Django.


Pinch is NOT EVEN ALPHA SOFTWARE. It is hastily-coded, with very few security considerations, and will almost certainly eat your mail and kill your family if you attempt to use it 1) on the public internet, or 2) on your actual mail.

Existing functionality

So far, Pinch is a single-user application. (You give it the details of that user's email configuration in You can use it to do the following:

  • View a list of threads matching a tag or search (the default view shows mail tagged 'inbox')
  • View the messages in a thread (including, probably unreliably, HTML mail)
  • Download attachments (although the way this is managed is probably hilariously inefficient/wrong)
  • Send mail VERY poorly (a reply form is displayed after each message, but none of its values are prefilled yet)
  • Tag threads
  • Untag messages
  • Access messages and threads via a laughably rudimentary JSON API


To try Pinch:

  • Clone the source code from bitbucket
  • Copy the pinch/ and api/ and pinch/media/ directories into the example/ directory
  • Install a virtualenv (
  • Within your virtual env, use pip to install: django, notmuch, beautifulsoup, and django-piston
  • Edit, changing dummy values to meet your configuration. At the very least, you'll need to check these values: EMAIL_HOST (your SMTP server), EMAIL_PORT (outgoing mail port), EMAIL_USE_TLS (whether to use TLS for mail), NMDB_PATH (location of a notmuch database), MAILBOX_PATH (location of your mailbox/maildir), EMAIL_ADDRESS (the email address outgoing mail should issue from)