All call files in the memory card ACR Calls folder are unidentifiable numeric names

Issue #1057 resolved
nedacr01 created an issue

Is it possible to create a portable log of ACR calls that identifies the caller? I do not want to keep all my call recordings on my phone. But the audio files appear in the sd card ACR Calls folder as useless numeric identifiers. Is there any way to at least get a copy of the call log that has caller information? I know that this appears when the ACR app is called up on the phone but this is of no use for archiving.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Hi there, ACR uses file names like a database and they can't be changed at the moment but, it has Backup feature where you can export your recordings with meaningful names. Just select few of them and hit menu>Backup

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