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Issue #1096 resolved
Rhonda Grayson created an issue

I have the ACR App on my phone and it's working fine, however, how can I send the recording out to someone? Or how can I save it and send the recording out?

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  1. Rhonda Grayson reporter

    I clicked on the recording then click share, I don't see a "send" option. Then a screen pops up and says, "sharing method....default or file". No matter which one I chooses, if I choose Google, it says sending, but it's never sent. If I choose fb messenger, it says it don't support file. No matter which email I send it to, it never sends but says it's sending.

    Is there a way we can access it online so I can see if I can send them that way?

  2. copluk repo owner

    You need to try both default and file methods. I am not sure what you mean by Google. Do you mean Gmail? Once file passed to another app it is not under ACR 's control.

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