I am unable to save the ACR recordings on SD Card

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Khota Ghora created an issue


I have the paid version of ACR on my S7 edge and I'm unable to save the recordings on my SD Card. I have changed the path to /sdcard/ACRCalls but the phone is still saving the calls in the old internal phone memory.

The calls are currently being saved to a folder ACRCalls in the internal memory of the phone but I want to change it to my SD Card as they are taking up too much space.

Please can you advise how can I successfully save the call recordings to the sd card of my phone ? (I have already created a folder in my sd card. The folder name is ACRCalls

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  1. Khota Ghora reporter

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have tried this method but it is still not working. The ACR is still recording the calls and they are also being uploaded to my Google Drive however the issue has become worst than before as I can't see the new recordings in either of the memories (internal or sd card).

    I changed my ACR path to /extsdcard/Android/data/com.nll.acr/files

    The db maintenance has also not worked and the ACR app is not showing the old recordings which I manually moved from internal memory of the phone to /extsdcard/Android/data/com.nll.acr/files

    Please can you take a look into it and advise?


  2. Khota Ghora reporter

    Hi. I wasn't expecting this answer from you. Especially I have the paid version and I need to record on my 128 GB sd card. My phone's memory is very limited and I can't afford to save calls on the internal memory.

    There has got to be a way of storing on sd card. Please can you make an effort by simulating the issue yourself and let me know?

  3. copluk repo owner

    There is. As I have linked above. Many users use it but we won't be able to help if you are having hard time implementing it because it is not officially supported by acr. It is simply a workaround

  4. Bill Arden

    Have tried and followed your suggestion 'copluck'. My Galaxy Android message says "Cannot use SD Card! Android 4.4 up blocks full access to SD Card by third party Apps". I'll just move my data over to other external storage as needed until SD cards access is available - if ever!

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