ACR on OmniROM 4.4.4

Issue #112 resolved
Humberto Borba created an issue


I am OmniROM (Android fork) user and I want to know how can I fix ACR on KitKat 4.4.4 version.

The device (Sony Xperia Z1 - Honami) sources are available at github.

Please, could you give soome directions to get it fixed?

Thank you.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Custom rooms don't support 2 way call recording. You must install original Sony rom if you need call recording. Neither ACR nor other call recording apps would work with custom rom

  2. copluk repo owner

    If any other call recording app works ACR should too. I assumed no other call recording app installed.

    Try this. Remove any other call recording app. Reboot your phone and reinstall ACR. Do not change any setting. Try recording a call. If ACR fails to record post the error message here and remove ACR, reboot install working call recording app. Record a conversation and email it to

  3. copluk repo owner

    There is nothing different between ACR and other apps usage of Android API. What error do you get on ACR? Is ACR the only call recording app installed?

  4. Humberto Borba reporter

    Ok dude. You have all logs here... if you want to get error messages. Thanks for your help.

  5. copluk repo owner

    I'm not dismissing you or your query. Could you tell me what is the error? If one call recording app works other has to work too.

    If you could tell me ACR error I might be able to help

  6. Humberto Borba reporter

    First error message:

    Warning: ACR unable to record your last call. Try restarting your phone. If you see this message again that means your phone does not support call recording.

    Error during call:

    Recording finish. ACR was unable to record this call.

    Logcat error:

  7. copluk repo owner

    This error happen if call recording folder is not accessible like set to add card on Android kitkat. Or, another call recording app installed. Or, phone doesn't support 2 way call recording.
    Try using mic audio source but it wouldn't be good

  8. Humberto Borba reporter

    Is it possible to ship a debbugable ACR version (install package)? I can help this project by trying to figure out the real cause. If you are agree then I think it will be nice.

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