ACR on oneplus not working + Fake ACR apps everywhere + Country restrictions

Issue #1146 resolved
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I hate it. WHich one is the original ACR? I cant get in in playstore because apparently i am not in one of the 'chosen' countries. What the hell?

Furthermore, so many appps resemble ACR by name and icon, i am confused which one is the real one?

Thirdly, what is bitbucket and why you provide help with ACR? Who made ACR and what is the ACR homepage?

I got ACR 8hopefully the right one) From blackmarket app and its not recording properly. I would buy the pro version if you let me know where and How, as well as how to make it work on my One plus one.

Who is copluk?

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  1. Baba

    Downloaded it. I have android 5.1.1 / cyanogen mod 12.1 YOG4PAS2QL

    Only time it works is if i use loudspeaker.

    I thought this problem only occurs with android 7 and above? I have android 5 !!!!

    Settings: recording 3GP; audio source: voice_call

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