Recycle Bin, calls in recycle bin and different calls in acr

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Hello, it seems that call files are filed in ACR and other calls are filed in the recycle bin, where they were never meant to filed as I understand that the recycle bin is the trash bin. I am a long time user of ACR pro but there are various things I do not understand well.

Also, I have started to use Google Drive, I cannot listed to the files directly in Google Drive. Is there a way to connect google Drive with Quicktime (par example) to listed to the files. Or do I have to use the finder (MacBook) to open them. In google drive it appears it is not possible.

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Many thanks for your early reply,

Best regards, Edmund KUMBERGER

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  1. copluk repo owner

    I am not sure about your first question. Deleted calls go in to recycle bin, if you don't want them there. Just empty recycle bin

    I don;t know if you trying to open recordings from Google drive but once they are on your computer. You can use VLC to listen your recording son your computer. VLC is free and open source. You can download it from

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