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Dimitris Valakos created an issue

I have Samsung S5 - i receive emails from the ACR ( with attachment the recording ) - but the email message is empty ... without name and the telephone number from the recording. the message has only this

ACR Free call recorder


A year ago i had the Samsung S3 and the message was right


! Α Armaos - +302810361300 18/2/14

ACR Free call recorder

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  1. Dimitris Valakos reporter

    i did it ... and now i receive that message (in Greek) Αυτή είναι μια ηχογράφηση συνομιλίας από το τηλέφωνό σας - This is a transcript of an interview by phone

    no name , no telephone

  2. copluk repo owner

    It should actually say "This is a call record from your phone" and include attachment, can you see attached file when you7 select Send in ACR, it should open your email client and attach files, can you send me screen shot of those steps

  3. copluk repo owner

    As you see in second screen shot ACR has send attachment, I am not sure what is the actual issue but ACR does not do transcript of your recording. Our Greek translator must have got it wrong. It needs to say "This is a call record from your phone"

  4. Dimitris Valakos reporter

    In ACR settings for sending email has Subject and Message for the email .. ,, maybe I should write something to understand that it must send all data;

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