ACR can not record this call - Motorola Z2Play Android 7.1.1

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Nilo Marcio Machado created an issue

ACR can not record this call

Selecting the: AUTO option saves, but when I put the phone in mute, it will not record the other voice. In this option: using the headset it records through the microphone of the phone and not through the microphone of the earpiece. When the mute option is activated in the call, so that only the other voice is recorded, the recording is muted, it records the mute.

Selecting the option: VOICE_CALL displays the error: ACR can not record this call, and does not record anything.

How to do to record without the error presentation?

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Unfortunately there is a bug with Android 7.1.1 that prevents call recording working reliably. Setting recording delay to 3 or more seconds seems to help but not always.

    This is same on all call recording apps and we hope will be fixed on Android 8

    See for the latest information about this issue

  2. niko_el_gatito

    The reported issue might not be related to the Android bug. On my Galaxy S8, ACR records perfectly everytime on AUTO mode. The issue arises when I'm in the middle of a call and choose to mute my end to only record the other end, it ends up muting both side. I'm referring to the use of the "mute" button while in a call. As soon as I unmute my side it continues recording both side. Mute should only be affecting my own microphone recording, not both ends. I've been using call recorder applications for years through several phone generations and it is the first time I come across this issue. Muting my voice is very useful when recording a voicemail message or an other party's conversation without adding noises or interferences on the line.

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