Retreive recording that was deleted but not from recycling bin.

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The below issue states if you have the most updated version it is in the recycling box, but what if you don't have the latest version, then how do I retreive a recording that I automatically said no to?

Issue #1356 NEW Anonymous created an issue 2017-09-15 On your page, it says to look for an email at the bottom of the acr page. I couldn't find such an email or contact number or email other than this "Issue" page on any of your website pages. I just had a phone call regarding my mortgage that I would really like to remember the details of, but because I hadn't needed to keep a recording for some time, I automatically said "no" when asked if I wanted to keep it. But, as your page stated, it said something about not being able to retrieve if I deleted it from the recycle bin or some other thing I did -not- do, so I was hoping I could still retrieve it, since I didn't do anything that seemed permanent.

Comments (1) copluk REPO OWNER It would be in the Recycle bin if you have the latest version of ACR 2017-09-15

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