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I purchased the Pro on my old Samsung 5 and bought a Google Pixel XL Phone. I deleted ACR and License off the Samsung 5 then turned it off. I installed ACR on the Google Pixel XL and it is still wanting me to purchase it again. Could you please give me instructions on how to install the Pro Correctly on the Google Pixel XL. I am using my same Google Account which I originally purchased ACR.

Please help.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Remove the license if already installed, make sure you have logged in with same google account you have used to buy then tap BUY on ACR in order to re-install previously purchased license. Google play store will let you install it for free

  2. JS

    I have Removed License and ACR on Samsung. No matter what I do on Google Pixel XL ACR still wants me to pay when I tap on BUY on ACR. I have doubled checked and I am using same Google A/C Email within Play Store.

  3. copluk repo owner

    ACR cannot ask for payment. It would redirect / open ACR Licence page in Google play for you to download and install. If you see a price there instead of download button, this means you are using different Google account then you bought ACR with. You cna switch Google accounts from Google Play app menu

  4. JS

    Thanks so much for your prompt replies. I only use the 1 Gmail Account. So I kept uninstalling ACR numerous times on the Google Pixel and reinstalling it, even rebooting Phone lol - FINALLY it accepted me to download the Pro version without payment. Must of been some sort of hiccup within Google Accounts re my Purchased Apps. Anyway, all good now and thanks again copluk.

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