Huawei Android 8 no sound when call recording enabled

Issue #1573 closed
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Once I enable ACR, my calls don't have any sound. I can only hear the other party if I switch to speaker and switch back. Works normally once I disable ACR. Once audio returns, recordings are great.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    There cannot be same issue with 3gp. However it would not record other party clearly.

    Huawei said it will be fixed in couple of months

  2. edwsy

    I think you don't understand my issue. My phone can record using ACR. But for some reason, when I make a call, there's no audio from the other person (in the phone call. Not a recording) Unless I press loudspeaker and go back. This only happens when ACR is enabled. Once I turn off ACR, the audio works OK during phonecall.

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