Issues with linking with Google Drive

Issue #158 resolved
djvirusz created an issue

Since the last update, although I re-linked the Google Drive account, I keep getting the notification "Please re-link Google Drive" and a lot of new "ACRRecordings" folders were created in my Google Drive.

Before the update everything was working OK. Hope to get a fix on this soon.

In other news, I DO like the new interface.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    There is another update we have pushed today. When you get it, remove ACR, reboot your phone and re install ACR then link Google Drive

  2. djvirusz reporter

    Re-installed the new version and even though I don't get the "Please re-link Google Drive" notification anymore, the "ACRRecordings" folders keep piling up in my Google Drive :(

  3. djvirusz reporter
    • changed status to open

    Issue is still there, although it doesn't create a ton of new folders in the Google Drive like before (since the last update it created three "ACRRecordings_NEW" folders).

  4. copluk repo owner

    Can you remove ACR, move all recordings in Google drive to an unrelated folder and delete all ACR folders. Re install ACR but link Google drive after 2 hours?

  5. djvirusz reporter
    • changed status to open

    It worked OK for a while since last update and I thought the problem was finally solved. But today, all of a sudden, it created a new "ACRRecordings_NEW" in my Drive :(

  6. copluk repo owner

    ACRRecordings_NEW created whenever you delete and re install ACR or re link Google drive. This is due to design of Google Drive API. It treats each new lin k as new application. You should never have to re-link google drive or touch ACRRecordings_NEW folder on your google drive

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