Sprint S7 Edge sm-g935p Android 7.0 Static Issue

Issue #1609 resolved
Chris MIller created an issue

I've contacted you via e-mail a few times. And every time it seems that your suggestion works, for a while. I change the settings and restart. However the issue always comes back. What happens is sometimes, whenever I answer or make a phone call, I hear loud static and the other person can't hear me because they hear the static as well.

Sometimes, it's only fixed by a restart. Sometimes, if I retry the call a few times, the static will go away, but this seems pretty rare, so it usually requires me to restart the phone. It'll be fine for a day or two, but eventually it always ends up happening again. This all leads me to believe that changing the settings to what you recommended isn't what's fixing the issue, but rather the restarting of the phone.

If there's any other information that you need from me, let me know. Thanks!

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  1. copluk repo owner

    I haven't had any reports about this before. There was reports about media audio being static but using MIC audio source solved it. Are you sure it is related to ACR? Are you using MIC audio source?

  2. Chris MIller reporter

    Yeah, I've e-mailed you (I assume you're the same person) through the app a few times in the past. You advised me to change the settings. Let me pull up one of the e-mails and I'll copy what you told me to set it to.

    This is the e-mail:

    Please keep settings below but use Mic audio source and restart your phone once it is set
    On 28 September 2017 03:50:19 BST, "Chrispm84 ." <chrispm84@gmail.com> wrote:
    Hey man. I'm getting static again using acr on auto. I've applied the right recording settings and even the generic android 7 settings and tried playing around with the settings myself, but nothings working. Any idea what might be going on?
    Version: 24.5 (PRO)
    Status: Enabled
    Recording mode: Auto
    Recording format: M4A, Delay in: 1, Out: 1
    Path: /storage/emulated/0/ACRCalls
    Bluetooth: Disconnected, Audio source: AUTO
    Android version: 7.0
    Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
    Model: SM-G935P
    Kernel: 3.18.31-11612932
    dpi@SWDG9818 #1
    Mon Jul 10 15:14:09 KST 2017
    Build properties----------------
    [gsm.network.type]: [LTE]
    [gsm.operator.iso-country]: [us]
    [gsm.operator.iso-country.real]: [us]
    [gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [us]
    [ro.csc.countryiso_code]: [US]

    So, I switched it to MIC, restarted, and it worked, for a while. But inevitably it starts doing it again. Uninstalling the app seems to resolve the issue.

  3. copluk repo owner

    Are you  sure it is ACR? If it is, it would happen all the time. There must be somethign else affecting/creating/helping to this.

  4. Chris MIller reporter

    I'm not 100%, but I have no idea what else it could be. Removing ACR stops it completely as far as I can tell. I just remembered that it also happens with recorded videos, as well, but you said switching it to MIC stops the problem with media. I hardly ever listen to music, watch or record videos, etc. on my phone, so I can't really be sure if I still have that problem after switching to MIC.

  5. Chris MIller reporter

    I have. I kept it on MIC for about a month. Same issue. Then I thought to try to set it back to stock android 7 and try to increase the delay. That didn't work either. Right now, I'm on MIC and I increased the outgoing delay to 10 seconds, incoming delay to 3 seconds. That didn't work either. It just happened not an hour ago. Now, I'm going to test it on manual mode and see if that works. If you have any other ideas for testing the app, please let me know. Thanks.

  6. Chris MIller reporter

    I tried to find a setting for this, but there doesn't appear to be one with a Sprint phone. I doubt if I'd even have it enabled though. This comes from the Sprint faq on HD voice:

    You and the person you are calling must both be Sprint customers using HD Voice-enabled phones in HD Voice-enabled cities or regions.

    Considering that I live in a small town with terrible service, I highly doubt I'm ever using HD voice. I'll keep trying to find out, though. In fact, last night I was calling a business' main phone line and it happened, so I know that wasn't an HD voice call. I'm wiping the cache partition and I'm gonna see if that will have some effect on auto recording.

  7. Chris MIller reporter

    I was worried that I'd be stuck in 3g for a while, since the static issue usually takes a while to happen, but it didn't take long. I set my phone to 3g only and restarted it about 18 hours ago and went to sleep. The first phone call I received today had that static issue. I restarted the phone and returned the call, which worked fine that time. A couple hours later I tried to make another phone call and this one had the static issue as well. If anything, 3g made the issue worse. I've reset my phone back to 4g and the few calls I've made/received have been fine so far. Usually it takes a day or so for the issue to manifest itself. Hope this information helps you in some way. Thanks!

    Edit: Looking at the timestamp of my last reply, I believe it was only about 13-14 hours ago that I set the phone to 3g only. Just clarifying.

  8. copluk repo owner

    I am not sure what causing this. When we received similar issues using MIC audio source did the trick fixing them but obviously not on your phone. Could you perhaps try another app and see if it will cause the same issue?

  9. Chris MIller reporter

    Sorry, the issue isn't resolved. I've been testing another app. I wanted to give it a good run before reporting back. I've been using Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato. So far (It's been about a week now) I haven't had any issues with it. None of my incoming or outgoing calls have been distorted in any way. The only config change I made was to switch it to MIC as I had it on your app.

    The fact that it works is very strange... I used this call recorder a long time ago before switching to your's because it stopped working for me. That was on an S4, though, so maybe that's the reason. Either way, I hope this helps you find a fix. I don't want to pay for this app since I've already bought your's. Thanks again.

  10. copluk repo owner

    That's odd. Both apps does the same thing. Technically acr should be the same.

    If you have bought acr I am happy to refund. Let me know your Google account

  11. Chris MIller reporter

    Well, I'd rather not get a refund. I like your app and I want to keep using it. I'm going to try and troubleshoot it some more myself. I noticed that the other app saves in AMR format, so I'll start by switching to that for your app, too. I'll keep you informed if I happened to figure it out. Thanks.

  12. Chris MIller reporter

    AMR worked alright for a couple of days, so I thought that was it. However, it messed up the calls eventually as well. I've switched to FLAC seeing if that would do the trick. It's been a few days without incident, so I'm hopeful. I'll test it for a longer period of time and let you know how it goes.

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