Record failure of a very important call

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My app was working and I used it several times with no issue..This time I made a 30minutes interview for my work, the app was activate but nothing is recorded! Can you help me?

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Unfortunately there is no way to bring it back. We can however try to rectify the problem if you can reproduce it. Does this happen all the time now?

  2. bobknob

    Same here. Had a call regarding custody of daughter that was extremely important and call failed to capture anything but my voice. Other party was inaudible. Was synced to the Bluetooth in my car at the time. Bluetooth option in setting enabled. Format was set to mp4. Phone is a Galaxy Note 8. I have since updated ACR and we will see how it goes, but am looking for replacements at the moment. Cant afford to have another screw up for something so important.

  3. copluk repo owner

    Try having Bluetooth connected before the calls. You can enable recording over Bluetooth under ACR recording settings but, recording over Bluetooth depends in the phone and firmware as well as Bluetooth headset. All other call recording apps will be same too.

    There is nothing can be done if the phone doesn't support call recording over Bluetooth.

    There is also android 7.1.1 issue. You can search and find details about it here

  4. bobknob

    Phone was connected to car prior to the call this last time. Have also had this problem when Bluetooth not connected and just using the device. Call will record my side of conversation but not the other persons.

  5. copluk repo owner

    As per my reply above. 5here are 2 things in place here and I know I sound dismissing but we have no way of fixing both at the moment. It will be same with all call recording apps due to nature if the issue

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