how to recover calls that were deleted through the app without consent

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I went on the acr app today and no recordings worked, would not play back, so I went to the play store and it had an update so I updated. Then all my calls got deleted when the app updated. I need those calls back very important custody calls. Please tell me i can get these back!?

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  1. copluk repo owner

    As I have explained in my email reply, ACR does not delete any recordings without user request. It is impossible.

    ACR not being able to play recordings imply that , you or somebody else deleted recordings outside ACR. They might have been deleted from a music player or file system thinking that they would be still available in ACR.

    Recordings deleted outside ACR would still look like that are available in ACR because ACR would not have any idea about their state. Since they would have not been deleted from within ACR, ACR would list recordings from its database but those files would not have data pointing to them hence not play

    Another possibility is that you might have deleted moved actual folder ACR uses to save recordings. This again would create same issue above.

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