Can't hear conversation on other side

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I'm able to hear myself speaking in recording but can't hear other person on the other line. Can you fix this please thank you...

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  1. Michael

    Have the same problem. I've got Android 8.1.1 on a stock based rom on the Sony Xperia z3 Compact. This happens only for incoming calls

  2. Yossi

    Exactly the same here. Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime with MIUI 9.2.3 / Android 6.0.1 Tried several audio sources but no luck.

    EDIT: Tested with competitor app and recording is fine and both sides can be heard. If you would like me to test anything please contact me.

  3. Chenelle92

    I have the same problem, I have the note 8 and I can not hear the other person talking just me. I'm upset because I pay for this app and it's not working properly.

  4. copluk repo owner

    Unfortunately there is an issue with Android 7.1.1 that prevents call recording working reliably. Our latest update was able to fix this in few phones but not on all. Try restarting your phone and set recording delay to 5 seconds.

    We are still working on it and hopefully Android 8 update will fix it very soon

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