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Hi, It seems like I am unable to backup my recordings in Google drive or other cloud service providers. When I look at my history I see the last backup was made in December. Please tell me what is going on? Thanks.

Br. René (Dutch user of ACR pro)

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Please go to ACR Settings, tap on the ACR version information at the bottom and then tap on the Debug logging, enter password "letmedebug", tap on Start. Make a test call, end your call. Come back to Debug logging and tap on Stop and finally tap on Send to send it to me Thanks

  2. Scott

    I'm having a similar issue as above and have not been able to resolve it. I have ACR Pro and up until December of 2017 everything was working fine and recordings were being uploaded to my Google Drive. Since then ACR Pro is still recording fine but no files are getting uploaded to Google Drive. I've tried disabling and then reenabling that function. I've checked Google Drive to make sure that ACR app has access (it does). I've updated to the latest version of ACR Pro (vX). This is on a Samsung S7 running Android 7 (no recent updates). I've created a debug log (as requested above) and just need to know how to get it to you.

  3. Scott

    I have version ACR Pro 28.1

    Also, after I did the debug log, the test call that I made to create that log DID get uploaded to Google Drive but the other call recordings between January 1st, 2018 and today are still only on the phone and not uploaded to the ACR folder under Google Drive. Also, if this helps, under the Settings > Cloud Services > Google Drive > Pending Uploads no files are shown (I'm assuming it shoudl show the files from Jan 1st to today) and at the bottom just shows 0 and 0B.

    Please help! Thank you. Scott

  4. copluk repo owner

    Pending uploads would only contain failed uploads. If there are no pending uploads this means either acr was not connected or all uploaded fine. You can try upload again option to upload all files in the phone. 5his will delete currently uploaded files on the cloud service

  5. copluk repo owner

    Please go to ACR settings and tap on version then tap on Debug and enter letmedebug as password. Make a call while debug is enabled, come back open debug logging and select send to send debug logs to me.

    Make sure you reference to the issue in your new email so I would know for what to look

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