[KB] How to disable Android battery saver

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OnePlus and Huwei Android 8 updates have bugs that puts apps to sleep even if they have on going notification. Try disabling battery saving mode for ACR if you experience such issue.

  • Go to Settings → Battery
  • Tap on the top right 3-dot menu, and choose Battery Optimisation.
  • There should be a dropdown below the actionbar on the top left, choose All Apps from the list.
  • Find ACR in the list
  • Tap on it. You will get a popup with 2 options, Optimise and Don't Optimise
  • Optimise should be selected by default.
  • Select "Don't Optimise", and press "Done" below.




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  1. Christopher Racine

    On your LG phone android 6 and above go to settings. Then tap general settings then tap power saving find the power saving exclusions and add ACR to power saving exclusions in order to set it up properly. This takes care of incoming call recording delays at all times. Also my dad has an LG android 6 version he has to go on battery settings. Then he has to click on from there battery usage. From battery usage he has to click on ignore optimizations. Of course he doesn't want or like call recording app stuff on his phone. But for my phone i am a huge fan of ACR call recorder as always.

  2. Christopher Racine

    Click on mobile data from the network settings menu. Then from that menu click on the upper right corner 3 dots. From there tap data saver then turn it on. Where it says allowed apps turn on ACR to permit it to use mobile data. Without that on cloud services will fail to upload any recording for ACR.

  3. Christopher Racine

    Another way to access it is to go to settings then general settings. From there go to apps and notifications. From there go to app info from there you will see a dropdown bar. Tap it and select all apps from there tap ACR then tap data usage. From there make sure that "allow unrestricted access even when data saver is turned on" option is active. These are the two ways to access this option. This reminds me of samsung ultra data saving mode. This data saver also has the allowed apps option i believe this is also known as power saving option or power saving exclusions. Also known as battery optimization for apps. An with the old samsung phones it was app optimization for apps.

  4. Christopher Racine

    Where is copluk app developer input about this i am curious to hear what he says about this.

  5. copluk reporter

    Please do not post to KB articles. This is specific KB for specific devices. We also have a central KB article with information about all phones that has power management issues. LG does not have such issue.

  6. Christopher Racine

    But when it's android 6 or above it does have battery optimization though. How could it not have battery optimization and data saver.

  7. Christopher Racine

    You even stated the same thing about samsung android 6.0 and above the modern samsung phones. I ran a test on my android lg stylo 4 8.1.0 and optimization turned on for all apps. An it took seconds for the auto or manual to start working. An it had nothing to do with screenlock for android 8. I either had to turn on data saver and add ACR to protected apps? Or i had to disable battery optimization for ACR. By turning on power saving exclusions for ACR by sliding the bar to blue to turn it on. So that optimization would be turned off for ACR. You even said about my last Samsung 📱 . That adding ACR to unmonitored apps then turning off battery optimization for ACR. Was the way to go then you said that you needed to do neither. There is a new power management system for SAMSUNG PHONES. Called device maintenance in that is app power monitor. Under unmonitored apps is where you add ACR in order to prevent ACR from going to sleep. You even stated in an e-mail to me that you said " unmonitored application to prevent ACR sleep". Then on here you acknowledge that also disabling battery optimization for it as well.

  8. Christopher Racine

    Because the only new phones that are sold is samsung android 6 and above. Same as with any new devices on the shelves in stores. I never see any android versions less than a 6 or greater version. I never see any 4 or 5 versions anymore which i think is insane. I know these screenshots are for specific devices. I am just trying to help you find new screenshots for new devices to post on kb. So that you can post them on here.

  9. copluk reporter

    Hi, as I have mentioned above, there is no other phone with power manager issues. Other phones work fine without any specific power manager settings.

    We always monitor user feedback and add articles about new devices as and when we find issues.

  10. Christopher Racine

    So as therefore it does me no good to turn on power saving exclusions for ACR whatsoever.

  11. Christopher Racine

    Because this is an issue when i have manual and auto recording delay without turning on power saving exclusions with ACR. However when i turn this on for ACR. Then i have no issues with ACR at all. That is why i post these for android 6 and above for Lg and Samsung modern phones.

  12. Christopher Racine

    Not if i have ongoing notification on for ACR. Then i find the power saving option add ACR to protected apps. Or disable app optimization or battery optimization for ACR.

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