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  1. Christopher Racine

    Screenshot_20181226-022311_Device maintenance.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022255_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022252_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022242_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022239_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022226_Device maintenance.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022142_Settings.jpgI have the new Samsung phone android 8.0 version which has unmonitored apps and optimize battery usage. You need to add ACR to unmonitored application. So that it prevents ACR sleep. Then you need to turn off optimize battery usage for ACR. Which is under device maintenance settings. From there tap battery then tap battery usage. On the battery usage menu find the three dots in the upper right corner. Tap it then find optimize battery usage tap it. Then you will find a drop down action. Tap apps not optimized then tap all apps. From there find ACR in the list and slide the slider to off. Then back out of the optimize battery usage menu. Then back out of the battery usage menu. From there on the main battery menu you will see app power monitor. Scroll all the way down until you see unmonitored apps tap on it then find the 3 dots in the upper right corner then tap add apps. Find ACR in the list then tap ACR in the list. A check mark will appear next to ACR. Confirming that you made proper selection for setup. Then after doing so tap done. Then back out of everything then you successfully turned off or disabled battery optimization for ACR. As well as added ACR to unmonitored application in order to prevent ACR sleep. I have noticed that doing both permanently locks in this setting. I have new screenshots coming to show a step by step process to show how it should be done.Screenshot_20181226-022137_Samsung Experience Home.jpgScreenshot_20181226-022304_Device maintenance.jpg

  2. Christopher Racine

    I think even the app developer could even agree with this proper setting. For even copluk said that it even needs to be done this way. For I have noticed that doing one or the other causes ACR to delay recording time during incoming call. When using auto recording. As well as with manual recording it takes seconds for the record button to pop up. As well as earlier today I was using manual recording. An it started using auto recording. During a phone call earlier. When it was set to manual recording mode. I pushed the button to get a failed phone call notification. This was when ACR was set to automatically save power instead of unmonitored application and no optimize battery usage. So therefore you are inviting these three issues. Unless you actually do these two things to ACR for proper setup. I hope the copluk developer understands this. With the new Samsung Android 6,7,8 versions. So that anyone with new Samsung phones. Never have to experience any of the 3 issues with ACR new modern Samsung phones. Christopher Glen Racine 634 N.27th Street New Castle, Indiana 47362 1(765) 444-7641. racinec49@yahoo.com email address.

  3. Christopher Racine

    Meaning that when this issue was happening that I had ACR in sleep mode. Also battery optimization was turned on for ACR as well.

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