VLC Player issue with ACR recording

Issue #195 resolved
Former user created an issue

Using latest VLC version win8.1.

If I try and fast forward/back - i.e. pick another spot on the play timeline I get no sound. Sometimes it seems to "catch up" and we get sound again.

Tried agp and mp4 format.

This doesn't happen with any other mp3 or mp4.

I can send you a 7 min sample where this happens if you want one.

Any suggestions?


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  1. copluk repo owner

    ACR doesn't encode recordings by it self but uses Android. Version on your phone might have encoding issues that prevents fast-forward. We are unable to change anything about this. You might try updating VLC or try MediaPlayerClassic

  2. Rashid Kotwal

    Ok – thanks. I found that setting the default encoding as WAV fixes the encoding issue.

    Great program BTW. I did buy the licenced version and gave you 5 stars!


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