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Andrew Goff1 created an issue

Recordings Marked as Important / Excluded from AutoDeletion are no longer Highlighted with a Red Line on the main screen. How can I get ACR to show me which recordings are marked to be kept? It is essential to know which recordings will be safeguarded for me ACR v11.2 PRO. Android 4.4.2 Samsung S4 (GT-19505) Thanks Andrew

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  1. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    I think we are talking about different things

    Yes, I can see that it is possible to HIGHLIGHT recordings, for the only purpose of highlighting them

    In the past, when I Marked a Recording as Important / Not to be Deleted / Excluded from Deletion a Red line would appear to the Right of the Icon of the recording.

    Now all the Important / Excluded Recordings are no longer highlighted and no recordings become highlighted when you mark them as important / Excluded (you have changed "Marked as Important" to "Add to Excluded")

    In the past, the fact that a Recording was Highlighted on the list meant definitively that it was marked not to be deleted and you could rest assured that it would not be deleted.

    Now no such "Marked as Important" highlighting is there any more.

    As far as I can see the "Star" marking and Highlighting have no specific meaning and do not mean that the recording will be saved from deletion or treated in any special other way.

    Certainly, none of my recordings "Marked as Important" or "Add to Exclusion" have any highlights against them to show they are marked as such

  2. copluk repo owner

    You are mistaken. ACR never highlighted excluded or included numbers. Marks as important still marks recording as important and puts red bar to the left of it.

    Please tap on a recording tap on the star and go back to recording list. You will see red bar on the left of that recording.

    If you can see it please take a screen shot and attach here

  3. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    OK, I will go through the changes step-by-step.

    When I installed the program in 2013 (and it carried on working this way until I upgraded to PRO end 2014) I could tap on the recording anywhere and a pop up menu would appear with "Important" on it as an option. If I selected this option a Red line would appear on the recording on the list (to the right or left I can't remember for sure) and this recording and all others with a Red line against them would not be deleted.

    Sometime towards the end of 2014 I upgraded to PRO. I did not use the program much for a while.

    Last month I went to the program and noticed that all the Red lines had disappeared and that when I tap on the recording the pop up menu option "Important" had gone. Instead there is the menu item "Add to Excluded". I presumed this was a change in the wording. When I select "Add to Excluded" I think it does stop the recording being autodeleted (I will have to wait 3 months to know). I only think so, because I can find nothing that shows me the file has been marked as "Important" (or now "Add to Excluded") in the way the Red line appeared in the past.

    I can see that if I tap on the caller Icon I can get the Star option and that selected this causes a Red line to appear next to the recording in the list, but I do not know if this red line has any practical consequences - does it mean this recording will now not be deleted?

    I will now attach a screen shot. - You will see that the Pop up menu does not show "Mark as Important", but does show "Add to excluded. - One of the recordings in the list in the background has a Red line against it which I added by tapping on the Icon and selecting Star. - All of the recordings in the background list have, in 2013, been marked as "Important" and used to have a Red line next to them, but there is no Red line appearing against them any more. No way of determining if they will be kept or deleted.

    Please can you tell me what it is that I am failing to understand

    Thanks, Andrew


  4. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    Not sure how Cleanmaster got on my phone (piggybacking some other program I suppose). I have never used it and it is now deleted

  5. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    QUESTIONS: [1] Tapping on the number & selecting the star, stops the file being deleted in the way that selecting "important" from the pop up menu used to. I now know this - though I must say this is not evident/intuitive in the way it used to be [2] Tapping on the Icon/photo gives you the option of highlighting the call with the same Red line - but apart from visually highlighting the recording, does this do anything? Will the file be treated in a different way because of this? [3] All of the files I marked as "Important" in 2013 & 2014 still seem not to be deleted, but they are not highlighted with the Red line anymore - is there a way to turn on the red line for all of them again in 1 operation? If not, this may require me to listen to all the recordings since 2013 again to determine which should be saved and which not marked for saving and this will be a huge amount of work for me - given that the program is still not deleting them, I assume the files are still internally marked to be saved, they just don't have any Red line to show me this. How can I turn the red line marker back on for all files the program knows should not be deleted? [4] What does "Add to excluded" mean? Andrew

  6. copluk repo owner

    Both tapping on contact icon and marking important and tapping on recording and tapping on star to mark important are same You can select as many recording as you want and mark time important with one click, just select by tapping on contact icon. If recording hasn't got red bar it would be deleted on auto clean(if you set auto clean up). Adding a number to excluded list stops class from and to it to be recorded

  7. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    The Auto Delete function seems to have been turned off at the same time as all the Red Bars were removed from all my recordings - I supposed when I updated to PRO. Is there any way to reverse this process or must I manually go through checking each recordings to see if I would have marked it up for keeping?

  8. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    I have not knowingly skipped any update or re-installed ACR. I did upgrade to PRO. Can you tell me how I can prevent this from happening again. Loosing my recordings is a serious problem for me

  9. copluk repo owner

    I'm not sure why it did but there is nothing I can do. You just need to re set them. Sorry for the inconvenience

  10. Piotr

    Can you save markings in recording file name ? example of curent file name:


    where 0d is something i dont know, then date, then p+ and then phone number ("null" is for restricted number). Could add something to mark recording important and this wont lost after reinstal or upgrade, please.

  11. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    I have set up ACR to save my recordings to OneDrive. But it is only doing this for new recordings. When I tried to copy the files manually, I found that the files were given creation dates in OneDrive that were all today, which I can live with if I have to but it makes managing them more difficult. [1] Can I force ACR to save all the recordings in its phone directory to OneDrive with the old dates intact? [2] Is there any way to copy these files across ("move") without these creation dates being changed - by tech support says this is possible under Windows but he does not know under Android Thanks,

  12. copluk repo owner

    I'm afraid ther eis no way to do that but you can get acr to synctme by going in to OneDireve settings of ACr and select Re-sync

  13. copluk repo owner

    I'm afraid there is no way to do that but you can get ACR to sync me by going in to OneDirve settings of ACR and select Re-sync

  14. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    SYNC AGAIN Delete all files files in remote folder and re-upload recordings?

    Aborts only after re-uploading 5% of the recordings

    The function deletes all files and the folder on OneDrive, then uploads about 15 recordings, gives them all a new creation date and time of it was re-uploaded and then stops and the function setting goes back from Grey to Black - 95% of the recordings are left on the S4 mobile without being uploaded to OneDrive. I have WiFi connected and unlimited internet on my mobile network

  15. copluk repo owner

    As I have explained the is no way to change creation date. OneDrive does not support that.

    How many recordings do you have? Are any of them really large? Does ACR give you any error?if it doesn't it may be required scheduling them. You can simply disconnect from all network connections and reboot connect to trigger reducing of upload

  16. Andrew Goff1 reporter

    ACR Backup only seems capable of Backing up call recordings just made to OneDrive, not previous calls When it backs up a a new call to OneDrive it gives it a Descriptive name - CallFrom_NumberFrom_Year_Month_Day_Time But when I copy the recordings manually via USB, the file names are a random string of numbers and letters - which I presume mean something to the ACR program Given that I can only back up past calls via USB, is there any way I can have the ACR program "translate" the file names into a Descriptive name as it does when copying the calls to OneDrive (ie: CallFrom_NumberFrom_Year_Month_Day_Time)?

  17. copluk repo owner

    You can simply go to OneDrive settings of ACR and select re-sync

    ACR has backup option for us transfers. Just select all recordings and hit menu then Backup

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