Outgoing calls recordings are empty

Issue #215 resolved
O Duarte created an issue

Hello, ACR makes a perfect record list of all recordings and incoming recordings are fine but outgoing recordings are "empty" . They are correctly listed but dont play and show "44 B" as recording time and also "44 B" as size. Can anyone tell what is going on here ? Thanks!

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Not all phones support call recording. Remove any other call recording apps, disable noise cancellation features of your phone,reboot your phone and re-install ACR, set recording delay to 5 seconds and try again. Also please try all recording formats.

    If nothing works, set Audio Source to MIC in ACR settings and use call recording with speaker

  2. O Duarte reporter

    After reading your sugestion, I decided to try the recording delay first. Well, it worked ! So, under the options menu, "Recording" > "Outgoing recording delay" is now set to 5 seconds and all is being recorded ok. Thank you for your help!

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