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I have purchased your product version to avoid problems if any. But in a VVI most important conversation, the other side voice is totally missing. Please let me know how to recover the caller's voice. It's very essential and based on a larger than Life issue.

Please help ... And revert immediately

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  1. Alessandro Giusti

    It just happen to me right now. I have ACR Pro, Samsung S7 Edge, Android 8. All permissions are granted. ACR is working very well. ONly this number has this issue (it is a landline). ACR records only my voice, not the other side voice. Even the music when I was waiting on the phone was not recorded. I tried to call this number again, and it was the same issue. Maybe some phones have a device to block recording or something like that. Thanks

  2. copluk repo owner

    Please go to ACR settings and tap on version then tap on Debug and enter letmedebug as password. Make a call while debug is enabled, come back open debug logging and select send to send debug logs to me.

    Make sure you reference to the issue in your new email so I would know for what to look

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