HTC M8 Lollipop ACR free version not working even after reinstall

Issue #224 on hold
Sebastian Kaczanowski created an issue

I do not know if it happen just after upgrade to lollipop or if ACR was working for w while and stopped. I was trying to fix problem by following the instruction from #214, but re-installation after remove and restart didn't help. After each call I got the information that probably ACR is not working on my phone. Is it true for HTC M8 and Lollipop?

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  1. copluk repo owner

    HTC m8 stopped supporting normal call recording with Android 5. But there seems to be a way to get around this issue. We are investigating to see if we can achieve this with ACR.

    In the meantime you might want to try other call recording apps.

    I am sorry about this inconvenience but it is out of control. We have no way if knowing when a manufacturer makes undocumented changes.

  2. Sebastian Kaczanowski reporter

    Thanks for the honest answer I really appreciate that. Maybe I'll find a way to complain about that on some HTC issue tracker, maybe you know one, because I cannot find any :(

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