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Ikrum Hossain created an issue


I use dropbox for uploading my recordings, sometime it disconnects. Let's say for last 10 days, the file didn't get uploaded. Now I have added my cloud account again and I want to upload the files which didn't synced

Feature Request

Show an icon for each items to display if it's synced with cloud or not. Can select some item and upload again or upload items which are not uploaded yet. When i add cloud account, it would be nice to ask if i wan to upload the items which are not uploaded yet.

Which I don't want

  • Upload again Delete all fiels from the coloud serve and upload again?*

I don't want to delete all records and re-upload all files rather some specific items or which are not uploaded yet.

An Icon/Status would be helpful to identify which are not uploaded yet.

Comments (4)

  1. copluk repo owner

    ACR allow user to change uploaded file name format. There are many possibilities and folder combinations. It would be almost impossible for ACR to detect this per file and try to search it on the cloud service.

  2. Ikrum Hossain reporter

    why do you need to search in cloud?

    • device creates the recording file, put an ID per file, the moment file gets uploaded in cloud, update the status for that file in LOCAL STORAGE of the device.

    • fetch and show the status from the device (searching cloud service for status will never a good idea)

  3. copluk repo owner

    Sure, but there would be no way to know if user reinstalled the app. Every file would lookike never uploaded before if app is rr installed.

    Issues like that steered us to have an option that might cater many possibilities.

    I am not saying it is ot possible but it complicates things.

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