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Issue #237 resolved
L J created an issue

Hi, How can I get ACR to work with my BT SmartTalk app? (I am within the UK)

Updated both apps, ACR 11.2 and BT SmartTalk app version: 2.38.4-ST. Cleared the cache and resync to dropbox. Deleted all previous calls. Fresh start.

I cannot remember, but I seem to think that It did work before with my old Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Current phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F, android 4.4.4

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  1. copluk repo owner

    VOIP calls cannot be recording because they do not go through your line but specific app which we have no access to inner workings. No call recording app can record VOIP Calls

  2. L J reporter

    Ahh, Okay, I can understand that now. I guess that I was wrong about it working on my old Note 3.

    Thank you for your very quick response and for providing such a useful app. Cheers! LJ.

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