Cannot change recording folder to external sd card

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Fabrizio Gerardi created an issue

I cannot change the recording folder to the external sd card. Please note that I have already read the older issues on this matter but it seems to me none of them is applying to my case. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Lollipop, so I think writing on external card should work provided the application is making use of the correct Google api.

Note that I also tried your suggestions I read in other post: uninstall, reboot, reinstall; I tried to change the recording codec; I tried to create the folder before to open acr settings or to let acr to create it. I also tried to maintain the same folder name "ACRCalls".

Non of this helped: I always get a message "An error occurred" (actually, in italian "Si è verificato un errore") the moment I try to apply a different folder setting.

Can you help?

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  1. copluk repo owner

    ACR does not implement Android 5 way of using SD card. We are evaluating to see if it would sufficient enough for ACR's use

  2. copluk repo owner

    It does not deny it but it implement in a peculiar way which cannot be implemented on ACR. It also has almost no documentation for certain actions that ACR does on files.

    If you look up API documentation @ you will see that Lollipop introduces

    Unfortunately that API does not satisfy needs of ACR file access. ACR needs direct file access.

    Can't it be implemented? No, not with current code base of ACR, ACR needs to be re written to implement this new API. Unfortunately it is too much work just to get access to SD card. Phone storages expanding and 32GB is becoming main stream. There will be more than enough space on your next phone

    There also but we cannot implement it because it would mean all your recordings would be deleted when ACR uninstalled

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