Cannot change recording folder to external sd card- Samsung Galaxy S4

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mtnpastor created an issue

Hi copluk- I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have the same issue as Fabrizio Gerardi, however my "An error occurred" message was not in Italian, but English. It says here that the issue has been resolved, but how? I really need to change my recording folder to my external sd card. Thanks for your help on this. By the way, my Samsung Galaxy S4 has Android version 4.4.2

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Fabrizio Gerardi created an issue 5 days ago

I cannot change the recording folder to the external sd card. Please note that I have already read the older issues on this matter but it seems to me none of them is applying to my case. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Lollipop, so I think writing on external card should work provided the application is making use of the correct Google api.

Note that I also tried your suggestions I read in other post: uninstall, reboot, reinstall; I tried to change the recording codec; I tried to create the folder before to open acr settings or to let acr to create it. I also tried to maintain the same folder name "ACRCalls".

Non of this helped: I always get a message "An error occurred" (actually, in italian "Si è verificato un errore") the moment I try to apply a different folder setting.

Can you help?

Comments (4) copluk repo owner ACR does not implement Android 5 way of using SD card. We are evaluating to see if it would sufficient enough for ACR's use copluk repo owner • changed status to resolved

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