calls not visible in windows Explorer on Computer before restarting the phone

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Jozsef Toth created an issue

I would like to copy files of the recorded calls to my computer. My smartphone is connected via USB.

But I can't see the newly recorded files on my windows explorer (win 10), only the former ones. After I reboot the smartphone, I can see all the calls was recorded before the restart, but not the ones was recorded after the restart.

It's very inconvenient to restart my phone all the time when I want to copy the recorded calls to my computer.

BTW, I noticed that I can't see the newly recorded calls in the Android file manager either.

I tested the issue on two different Android phones, with the same result. Do you have any idea what I can do to be able to download the recorded calls to my computer without restarting my phone?


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  1. copluk repo owner

    Android file manager:

    Is it an app? Recordings must be visible on file manager apps. Make sure you are checking the recording folder and that the phone is not connected to your computer Unless, you have deleted them from outside ACR. You would know if you did or not by trying to play the recording. If it plays it means it is in the recording folder and must be visible to file manager app.


    This is not related to ACR. That's why it is resolved. Can you see recording in ACR? Yes. Can you play it in ACR? Yes. Therefore it is nothing to do with ACR. Issue is platform issue. ACR has no control over what communication your phone and your computer does.

    Since I am sure you won't believe me and think I am making this up, here are some links to back it up! Actually these are links that you can find in Google if you just search for "Android MTP issue"

  2. Jozsef Toth reporter

    Thank you for your very quick response. Android file manager: This is a built in app in one of my phones (Red Mi 5 plus). And actually, that's the truth, I can't see the new records whit this app. I will check the links you've sent, but the weird thing is, that the photos taken by the camera of the phone is instantly visible in windows explorer and in the built in file manager.


  3. Jozsef Toth reporter

    I tried it (Total Commander), and it works. Thank you. Unfortunately, the windows explorer issue is a more important problem for me, and it's still a problem. It's weird that Android has this issue.

    Thank you for your help.

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