Please stole my phone and I had bought and installed the ACR

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Please stole my phone and I had bought and installed the ACR. I just bought another phone and would like to know if you have to cancel the ACR in my stolen phone and install on my new cell phone. Thank you !!!

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  1. copluk repo owner

    You just need to login with same Google play account and install ACR and license. We have o remote access to ACR installations and cannot do anything about stolen phone

  2. Denise Carvalho

    I understand, but when I went I had stolen account applications at the bank and scared when I got home, through google sent to the thorough cleaning on the stolen phone, but I did not know it would be also deleted the apps that were on google. Then all the apps if that application were in my google were deleted, and the ACR is very important for me because I'm a journalist and I record all interviews for what I do by phone.

  3. Denise Carvalho

    Thank you very much for your attention. I managed to install because I have two accounts on google and ACR was in 2nd google account. Thank you again, for it is already installed licensed and working very well. I have a great day.

    A hug, Denise.

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