Android 8, LG G5 could record wifi Android 7.0. Now it doesn't, Audio gain don't work too

Issue #2711 resolved
pkemata created an issue

Beta tester here. I used to be able to record wifi calls at home. After phone upgraded to 8.0 Android I can't. HOWEVER, I turned off the Try Recording on Wifi, and then it worked, BUT it's at a much lower volume, as is also regular cell call recordings, even if I boost Audio Gain a lot. Pls see Issue #2710 - I submitted without logging in so it shows as anonymous. Thanks.

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Hi, Android updates can change things. If Phone no longer supports recording of WiFi calls neither ACR nor any other app can fix that unfortunately

  2. pkemata reporter

    Hello Copluk, Thanks for looking into my issue. I did some additional testing, and thought you might find it useful.  I got back into ACR and looked at the Recording Issues link. I think that when I reported #2711 I had selected the Android 6/7/8 a option. Last night I tried the Android 6/7/8 b option, and was able to record on wifi, and with my bluetooth earphones on, but then sporadically it didn't record, it only recorded my voice. So I tried the Android 7.1.1/2 option (the version I had before upgrading to Android 8), plus readjusted the delays to 4 sec., like you advised me to about a yr or so ago,  and now I am once again able to record or wifi, as well as using my Bluetooth earphones.    The only problem that remains is that even with this setting of OS, the volume still comes in real low while on wifi. I remedied that by getting Max Volume Booster from the playstore and installed it. It's a little bulky to go in and adjust the volume, but after I boosted it 45% or so, then tried recording a call, the playback was loud enough.  You might pass that bit of info on to others who have the same problem while we wait for any software mod that will boost the volume back to normal again. Last question - you state that the Audio Gain on the app only works for certain output files, but didn't state which. Can you tell me which formats your Audio Gain will work on?  Thanks. Pierce

  3. copluk repo owner

    Hi, I am not sure if it is possible to record WiFi calls at all. Anyway, gain would work on wav, MP3, m4a, flac and ogg

  4. pkemata reporter

    Hi, yes it is in fact possible to record Wifi calls. I am able to do it once again using the 7.1.1 choice of settings on your app. While my phone was on 7.1`, I could record wifi all the time. Presently just the volume is soft, but I am using amr as output. I'll try m4a with gain and see if that still allows me to record on wifi.

  5. pkemata reporter

    Hello Copluk, Got your email about upcoming restriction. So caller contact as it's in my contact list won't show, right?  Will just the phone number of who's calling show or not even that? More important qx - if I don't upgrade my ACR version, will I still get to see the contact name for the call? Pierce

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