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Jeff Owens created an issue

thanks once again for your excellent service. i need help reinstalling my pro licence. Happy to pay again - consider it a donation . 1. after all the back and forth about ACR and Android 8 i have 'bit the bucket' [ha ha], retired my note 4 and bought a note 9. 2. as it was a sudden decision i didnt set up acr properly. 3. all calls have recorded but have not uploaded to cloud. 4. licence is already installed. 5. If i try to 'purchase' pro google invites me to uninstall. 6. if i uninstall licence (but keep the app) I assume but please confirm my recent calls will remain on the phone. 7. at that point i propose to purchase the licence again, and repeat i am entirley relaxed about paying. I would appreciate prompt feedback. Kind regards Jeff

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  1. copluk repo owner

    Remove the license if already installed, make sure you have logged in with same google account you have used to buy then tap BUY on ACR in order to re-install previously purchased license. Google play store will let you install it for free

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