Cannot restore ACR database from backup files

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Xavier Subira created an issue

I've installed ACR 3.0 Free on a Huawei P8 lite 2017 cellular running Android 7.0

I've got 264 recordings listed on ACR and saved them via Backup to backup folder on an external SD Card.

After that, I cleaned ACR by deleting files on /storage/emulated/0/ACRCalls.

Once done, I've restored some recordings copying (manually) the exported recordings files from the backup folder to the ACR cleaned one.

Then I uninstalled ACR and installed it back (3.0 too) from Google Play.

Once completed the initial setup of ACR I launched the Database Maintainance but nothing appears on the ACR main screen.

For sure I've checked that the files are right in their place, but this seems not enough to get the ACR database recreated with them.

Then, if this is not a bug, ¿how a restore has to be performed?

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  1. copluk repo owner

    ACR Backup cannot be restored back to ACR. C

    Make sure both phones have the latest version of ACR and connected to the same WiFi network. Open ACR on the previous phone and go to ACR Settings> Recording Transfer and select Send.

    Do the same thing on the new phone but this time select Receive and enter details shown on the previous one and select download.

  2. Xavier Subira reporter

    Is the same phone. I said the restore was performed manually by copying files from an SD card to internal memory

  3. Xavier Subira reporter
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    See my last comment. When you test the backup functionality it seems to fails at restore time, because there is no way or option to "restore" recordings using ACR

  4. copluk repo owner

    Try this, make sure ACRRecordinfs folder has all the recordings and remove and reinstall ACR

  5. Xavier Subira reporter

    This is exactly my starting point. I've backuped files, to ACRBackups folder. Deleted all files in ACRRecordings. Copied files from ACRBackups to ACRRecordings. Uninstalled ACR and installed it back. No register appears on ACR.

  6. Xavier Subira reporter

    Yes using ACR Backup

    As shown in following step images:

    This is how application recordings folder looks like in the configuration Step-0.jpeg

    And this is the way I backup files


    Then I delete de recording manually or by ACR Step-2.jpeg

    If after that I copy the recording from the backup folder to the recordings one, no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall ACR, it just doesn't detect the recording, and does not list it again.

  7. copluk repo owner

    As per my previous reply, you cannot restore them back. You should have copied ACRCalls folder directly.

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