Manual recording button disappear

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Hi, Pro user Country: Croatia (VIP carrier) Device: S3 GT-I9300 Android: 4.3

Very erratic behaviour of the red recording button when in manual setting. It does not appear at all when receive incoming calls and when do outgoing calls the button dissappear after a few seconds. This creates me a lot of problems when need to record in the middle of the conversation, which is in 99% of cases my scenario. Please let me know how to solve it. Regards, Marko

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  1. copluk repo owner

    That's weird, ACr actively tested on s3 international and had none of the issues. Do you have original samsung firmware? do you have any sort of task kilelr or memory cleaner application?

  2. skaMa

    Hi, yes, I'm using original firmware. Regarding task killers, I'm using Clean Master, but it is not working in the background. It is triggered manually when it detects that RAM memory is reaching high usage. Don't know what else could take into account. Any suggestions? Marko

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