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Please, put the unchained version in open stores, such f-driod AND the like

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  1. MirekS

    @copluk the page mentiones:

    If your phone has different app store(s) you can look for fully functional version of ACR called "ACR Unchained" on other app stores such as Huawei's App Gallery and Samsung's Galaxy Store.

    What if my phone doesn't have a different app store? I'm using LG V20 and it doesn't have one.

  2. MirekS

    @copluk How would I know I can trust the source? All the results look really shady to me, resembling old warez communities. Isn't there an official APK hosted somewhere?

  3. copluk repo owner

    You would first install from Google Play store and try to install the downloaded APK.

    Android would refuse to install on top of current ACR if  APK is somewhat modified.

  4. MirekS

    @copluk I don't get it. If I install from google play, I won't get the unchained version. Also - if APK is unmodified (i.e. it's the same as installed one), what's the reason to install it anyway? I've already got the same package installed already...

  5. copluk repo owner

    What you need to do is. Installing from the play store and updating with unchained version from the internet.

    This way, you will be safe as Android will not update ACR if you have downloaded unofficial unchained version.

    Publishing links to non complying APKs from a our web sites is against Google Policy. That's why I cannot post a direct link

  6. Codeplayer

    I have the Pro version. F-Droid is the most used and trusted 3rd-party Android market app. If I download it from the internet, then I must keep updating the app manually. F-Droid will update the app automagically. Now I have the CAT S61 and I cannot access the Samsung Galaxy Fools store or Huaspy store. Every sane person looks for the app first in F-Droid. Alternative would be XDA Labs store. Most people will never go to these bloatware stores. F-Droid is for more techie people and you would actually sell the Pro app there much more. I would even make another payment, if you put the Unchained Pro app to F-Droid, just to have it updating.

  7. MirekS

    @copluk wait... You're saying that Google Policy affects what you may or may not post on your own, private and independent webpage? And on F-Droid? How come?

    Just to get things straight (and to learn something about APK deployment in Android devices): the installed version has some kind of fingerprinting that allows the OS to detect if the new, presumably updated APK is of the same, trusted source? How does that mechanic work? (I'm a software developer, don't spare me the technical terms)

  8. copluk repo owner

    Re fingerprint : Exactly, Apks signed by developers' key and all have unique SHA fingerprint and Android matches it to the version you are trying to install.

    Re deployment: We cannot publish non compliant Apks on our home page or any page accessible from our app.

    Both this issue tracker and website is accessible from.our app.

    Unfortunately this is the reality of Google's policy. You might find other developers ignoring this policy. We will not as it would mean permeant removal of our app or account from the Google Play Store

  9. MirekS

    Thanks for the explanation! And I assume F-Droid is not an option due to FOSS-only software policy.

    It's sad to see the freedom of the internet going away. We really did live in the "wild west" of the interwebs.

    Keep up the good work!

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