Correspondent volume level very low

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Thibault Delauné created an issue


Since a few weeks, my correspondents volume level is very low while mine is fine. But when I installed the app (with licence purchased) the volume was good for both !?!

I tried several audio sources without success, auto stay the best choice (at least the less bad :-s ).

Please help me find what's going on.

I'm on a Motorola Moto X (XT1092) and ACR 30.2

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  1. Marcos Martínez

    Hi, copluk. Same to me here. My phone is a BQ Aquaris U2 5.2. My Android version is 7.1.2.

    The problem doesn't exist before, some months ago. Now I can ear me perfecly but the other part is so low that sometimes I cannot recover it even with audio programs.

    My version is the PRO, allways the last version available.

    SOLVED! I change the configuration: -Format: 3GP -Audio origin: Automatic


    Thank you very much.

  2. copluk repo owner

    Unfortunately there is an issue with Android 7.1.1/2 that prevents call recording working reliably. Our latest update was able to fix this in few phones but not on all. Try restarting your phone and set recording delay to 5 seconds.

    We are still working on it and hopefully Android 8 update will fix it very soon

  3. copluk repo owner

    Some phones don't support call recording or stop supporting it after update. Remove other call recording apps, reboot your phone and re-install ACR, set recording delay to 5 seconds and try again.

    If fails, go to Recording Issues menu and try settings according to your Android version and phone model

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