Lg stylo 4 power saving exclusions

Issue #3016 resolved
Christopher Racine created an issue

Screenshot_2019-02-11-02-35-47.png Should this be used as power saving exclusions should ACR be turned on for ACR in order to prevent sleep mode. Also i noticed turning on data saver. Then turning on ACR in order to use mobile data freely.

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  1. Christopher Racine reporter

    Allowed apps that can use mobile data freely when data saver is turned on. The circle with the plus sign showd that it is turned on.Screenshot_2019-02-11-02-42-03.png

  2. Christopher Racine reporter

    Thank you copluk for understanding that you either have to turn on data saver and add ACR as allowed apps. Or you have to disable battery optimization by turning on power saving exclusions for ACR to prevent it from being closed. Also to keep notifications on as well.

  3. Christopher Racine reporter

    Hello mister app developer I need to add another issue on here that I resolved to another phone.

  4. Christopher Racine reporter

    The above screenshots are for the Alcatel Tetra. Phone it is for this phone. Also the deep hibernate is for optimising apps. Which is for optimising battery usage for this phone. Also known on other phones as optimizing battery usage on other phones.

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