Assigning contact to "unknown" ACR log entry

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Marko Velkavrh created an issue


on, "What's next" section is says: "We will add and and extra feature where you can manually add contact or number to the recording."

However, I didn't find any way to do so, therefore I'm asking if it's really possible?

If it isn't: a.) Is it going to be in the near future? b.) Where does ACR store contact data assigned to certain log - is it possible to "hack" some ACR file on Android file system level to assign a contact to a log entry (certain 3gp file)?

Regards, Marko

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  1. Marko Velkavrh reporter

    Hi and thank you foe answer/info, but I'd still like to assign contact info to few of "unknown entries". If it's possible I'd be glad if you can advise me how to do it.

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