Cannot hear recipients voice

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Bob created an issue


I am unable to hear the recipients voice in my recordings. I have tried with using the phone microphone, bluetooth headset, (original) USB headset and speakerphone, but none of them seem to save the recipient.

Somem information:

  • Country: Sweden
  • ACR Recording settings:

    • Format: MP3
    • Source: See above
  • Circumstance: Any

  • Phone: Huawei P30 Pro
  • Android version: EMUI 10
  • ACR Version: ACR Pro 33.1-unChained

I have also tried to uninstall/restart/install/restart but to no avail.

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  1. pkemata

    I have LG G7, and used Unchained thru version 9, and caller’s voice was real faint but if you got a volume booster app you could hear it. My phone upgraded to Android 10 and not even Unchained works - just silence. Not sure if the developer just gave up on the app - Copluk, if you’re still developing this app would you pls let us know?

    I really liked this app, but after upgraded to 10 I found that Cube ACR actually works well, and both ways. You might try that app.

  2. David Reade - Evans

    Yeah I am having the same problem to OP.

    Have replicated the problem on Samsung Galaxy S9. S10+ S20+

    When phone is connected to Bluetooth, Other Party recording does not work. Have tried all the different “Recording modes” and they all seem to not work, at all.

    When disconnecting from BT, ACR works perfectly. This is a major shame, as I use this for business call recording, and need to record all my incoming and outgoing calls, and I cannot do this when driving.

  3. pkemata

    Clarification to my last comment in June - Android 10, LG G7; I got Android prompt to allow Accessibility, and when I’m strictly using the phone, I got both sides of recording. When I used speakerphone, it did not pick up OP unless I downloaded a volume booster and cranked it way up. Using Bluetooth, like David, I don’t get the OP. I use unchained. Sure would be nice if this was fixed, but I wonder if the developer abandoned any further dev on this. FYI, I use Cube ACR now and although I can’t hear OP using the BT, it performs well using speakerphone.

  4. pkemata

    Additional workaround - Though I can use Cube ACR using speakerphone ok, I also use Win 10 voice recorder that comes with the OS, using my cell phone on speaker, and I can store my calls on laptop/back up in cloud.

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