Huawei P30 record problem

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mehmet özbakır created an issue

Hello dear,

Almost having a problem since bought the Huawei p30, saw this updated version and installed it today but still cant record it. Pls, tell me what should do?

Version: 33.6-huawei-unChained (PRO)
Status: Enabled
Recording mode: Auto
Recording format: MP3, Delay in: 1, Out: 1
Path: /storage/emulated/0/ACRCalls
Android version: 10 ( - 2020-08-01)
Manufacturer: HUAWEI
Model: ELE-L29
Hardware: kirin980, ELE
Product: ELE-L29
Kernel: 4.14.116

Build properties----------------
[]: [LTE,Unknown]
[gsm.operator.iso-country]: [tr]
[gsm.sim.operator.iso-country]: [tr

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